Our Story

We Live with Mechanical Engineering

We just want to solve another problem

What We Do


We want to create a solution to solve Mechanical Engineering Problems with keeping performance and feasibility properties. You just give us your problems.

Each project with us is like an interactive textbook, consultancy, course, featuring pre-recorded videos, quizzes, and projects.

Accelerate your team’s performance by assigning tasks, communicating and tracking progress in one place. You can learn any skill in analysis, simulation, design, coding and calculation, modeling and optimization in mechanical engineering.

One project with Acamech then you can do others alone.

Who Am I



Mechanical Engineer (M.Sc.), with more than 7 years (Since 2011) of experience in simulation analysis , software courses teaching, university and industrial research, energy convergence.

Now I am working on Energy Convergence, Industrial Design and Computational Mechanics.