Compose of Geometries

Compose of Geometries

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How we can compose geometries in COMSOL Multiphysics

Compose of geometries is one of the applicable tools of geometry operations in COMSOL Multiphysics. With this tool we can build composed geometry with ease. In this tip Isothermal and Nonisothermal MEMS Heat Exchanger CMS is used to illustrate the operation.

In this example we decided to compose two cylinders (cyl1 and copy1) to a solid block.

Compose 1 (co1)

  1. In the Geometry toolbar, click Booleans and Partitions and choose Compose.
  2. Click in the Graphics window and then press Ctrl+A to select all objects.
  3. In the Settings window for Compose, locate the Compose section.
  4. In the Set formula text field, type blk1*(cyl1+copy1)+blk1.

In the Geometry toolbar, click Build All.

01 - Compose of Geometries
Compose of Geometries

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Computational Modeling and Simulation is the simulation center of Acamech that models Mechanical Engineering Problems, especially Multiphysics Simulation; including Fluid Flow (CFD), Structural Mechanics, Acoustics, Heat Transfer as a unique Multiphysics problem. We use COMSOL Multiphysics, MATLAB, and Autodesk Inventor.

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