Data Set – Mirror 2D

Data Set – Mirror 2D

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How to set Mirror in 2D simulated geometries in COMSOL Multiphysics

When the geometry is created as half section we need to complete it in result section. In this tip Simulation of Supersonic Air-to-Air Ejector CMS is used to illustrate it. We see the geometry in the cad kernel as bellow.

01 - Data Set - Mirror 2D


Mirror 2D 1

  1. In the Results toolbar, click More Datasets and choose Mirror 2D.
  2. In the Settings window for Mirror 2D, locate the Data section.
  3. From the Dataset list, choose Study 1/Adaptive Mesh Refinement Solutions 1 (sol3).
  4. Click Plot.

02 - Data Set - Mirror 2D

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Computational Modeling and Simulation is the simulation center of Acamech that models Mechanical Engineering Problems, especially Multiphysics Simulation; including Fluid Flow (CFD), Structural Mechanics, Acoustics, Heat Transfer as a unique Multiphysics problem. We use COMSOL Multiphysics, MATLAB, and Autodesk Inventor.

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